SiS Rhexoxylon africanum EXTREMELY RARE 11 Madagascar Petrified Wood Round

This may be the rarest fossil I’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting! While I have had the privilege of cutting and preparing fine specimens from all over the African continent, I’d never seen one like it from Madagascar – or anywhere else for that matter! The lobed growth structure and hollow pith are characteristics […]


Hubbard Basin Gnarly Barked & Colors Agatized Petrified Wood 95% Full Round Slab

This unpolished 95% full round slab of Hubbard Basin Wood will drop your jaw! These kind of colors in an absolutely flawless, beautifully shaped full round is very rare. This is one of the best selections of Hubbard Basin petrified wood you will ever see. Beyond words is all I can say about it’s beauty! […]