Rare Short Faced Bear Canine Tooth Florida Fossils Jaw Bones Teeth Tremarctos Fl

Description: This is an extremely rare spectacled (short-faced) bear upper left canine. This specimen is from a female individual. Pictures really do this specimen absolutely no justice; it is much nicer in hand. Attractive glossy black enamel patina. Natural wear to the tip from when the animal was alive, this is not damaged. The root […]


SiS INCREDIBLE 7.2 lb. HOLLOW LOG Petrified Wood Sculpture McDermitt, OR

This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all the McDermitt petrified logs we’ve cut! The log had begun to decay and was partially hollow before it was petrified, producing this marvel fossil gemstone masterpiece millions of years in the making! It’s a true collector quality petrified wood specimen that shows the beauty […]