SiS FASCINATING 12 Madagascar Petrified Wood GEODE Slab VERY COOL

This is truly a one of a kind log! The blade cut through a large crystal lined geode cavity in this massive fossil log that revealed one of the most spectacular petrified wood displays I’ve recently seen! The cavities are lined with dark, fine drusy crystals that sparkle in the light! This is a large […]


Rare Oklahoma Petrified Wood Lycopod Fossil Artifact Stone Rock Arrowhead

This Land was once inhabited by Archaic, Paleolithic, Prehistoric, and Stone Age Peoples… All Items are AUTHENTIC This is a Petrified Lycopod tree root section (Stigmaria ficoides) from the Middle Pennsylvanian Era. (over 300 million years old). Lycohyte trees grew millions of years ago and can be found around coal seams. Oklahoma was once an […]