SiS EXCEPTIONAL 13+ Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round VERY UNIQUE COLOR

The more you look at this amazing slab, the more you find to love! This round comes from one of the best and most uniquely patterned, colorful and best preserved Hubbard Basin logs I’ve personally ever seen. Everything about it is magnificent, including one of the most dramatic color displays I’ve seen in any petrified […]


SiS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL 1/2 lb. Blue & Black Petrified Pinecone Fossil Cone

This amazing and extremely colorful cone is very close to being an absolutely perfect example of the fossil species! And at nearly 1/2 pound, it’s one of the largest perfect grade cones we’ve offered! If you’ve wanted a true museum piece for your own collection – here it is! The external detail in the texture […]