SiS MASSIVE 14+ RED Australian Petrified Wood Round COLLECTION CENTERPIECE

You are looking at one of the most beautiful, largest, full round slabs of petrified wood I’ve ever seen from the Australian petrified forests. The color, shape and wood grain are among the best I’ve ever handled and to find something like this in a full round this large is beyond what anyone could hope […]


Rare azurite and green malachite in petrified wood, Turkey. Colla. 15+ pounds

Rare large blocked rough with green malachite, Blue azurite and yellow volborthite in petrified wood (Pinus). In 2012, gold prospectors in the Tolkat province of Turkey discovered a petrified log. The log was silicified and had secondary deposition of copper minerals including azurite (blue) and malachite (green). Copper mineralization of petrified wood is very rare, […]



This is truly a one of a kind petrified log! The blade cut through a huge crystal filled geode cavity in this massive log that revealed one of the most spectacular fossil displays I’ve ever seen! The cut and polished face reveals one large, shimmering drusy quartz crystal lined cavity with sparkling crystals around the […]


Large Blue Opalized Opal Fossil Petrified Wood Copper Specimen Crystal Stone

Net Weight: 1309g (Approx). Size: 165mm (L) x 91mm (B) x 97mm (Height) (Approx). Pictures taken under natural sunlight. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. What you see is what you will […]


8.5 AWESOME Exquisite Glacier Formed RARE COLORS HARD TO FIND Copper Bookends

8.5 AWESOME Exquisite Glacier Formed RARE COLORS HARD TO FIND Copper Bookends. Interested in more than one item? Most of our items are Unique One-of-a-Kind and subject to availability. So we do not disappoint you with a possible out of stock item. WHAT A UNIQUE GIFT! These Copper bookends have been highly polished and laquered, […]


SiS EX-LRG PERFECT19 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Conifer Round TABLE TOP

This is one of our largest Arizona Rainbow petrified wood slabs and it would make one spectacular table top! This is a very unique color pattern for Arizona petrified wood. The characteristic oranges and reds are there, but they are laced through a dark blue/gray agate field that is highly translucent! The color in this […]