B. J. F. Very Large Polished USA Petrified Fossil Wood, 17, x 15 inches

We are not collectors , but Professional fossils collectors / prepares and all our fossils are carefully selected for QUALITY. Polished Petrified Wood slab 17 inches x 15 inches. If you’ve always dreamed of displaying a giant, Please Look here. Petrified wood makes a great ornamental piece because of its unusual appearance. It is made […]

SiS INCREDIBLE 10 lb. HOLLOW LOG Petrified Wood Sculpture McDermitt, OR

This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all the McDermitt petrified logs we’ve cut! The log had begun to decay and was partially hollow before it was petrified, producing this marvel fossil gemstone masterpiece millions of years in the making! It’s a true collector quality petrified wood specimen that shows the beauty […]