37.65 cts Gorgeus Precious Opalized Wood Opal Indonesia. STRIKING COLOR

Three lines in the middle are natural wood grain not cracks. Our Opalized wood are taken from very fine quality fossil materials. We never add resin or glue to fill holes and cracks, All of our Opalized woods are left at their original state. Glossy surface area made from intense hand polished. Photos and videos […]

B. J. F. Very Large Polished USA Petrified Fossil Wood, 16, x 13 inches

We are not collectors , but Professional fossils collectors / prepares and all our fossils are carefully selected for QUALITY. Polished Petrified Wood slab 16 inches x 13 inches. If you’ve always dreamed of displaying a giant, Please Look here. Petrified wood makes a great ornamental piece because of its unusual appearance. It is made […]