SiS GORGEOUS 33 x 21 Petrified Wood Table Top Stone Slab MIRROR POLISH

This is the latest in our petrified wood table top and wall art offerings. It’s a very colorful conifer slab from a truly magnificent petrified log – the color pattern is truly unique and absolutely 100% natural! This is a choice slab cut thick enough to be used as a table top but could also […]

PETRIFIED WOOD Fossil Plant Tree Slab Slice Great Heart 277mm / 11 Madagascar

Special Holiday Pricing. This is a rich, colorful, and segregated Conifer P e tri f ied W o o d ” Araucaria “slab from Ambilobe, Madagascar. It features a wonderful combination of rich, saturated colors in this fossilized wood. With an incredible segregated two-tone heart of earthy, polarized hues which also shows some translucence when […]