Petrified Wood Slab Table Top With Burl Wood Legs Red Jasper & White Quartz 29

Hello and greetings from Joshua Tree Imports. Our brick and mortar store is located in beautiful, sunny downtown Lakeville, Indiana. Be sure to check back with us and see what kind of new stuff we have listed. It measures 29.5″ by 23″ and is 1.25 thick. The table base is made from burl root wood. […]

Petrified Wood LARGE Polished Gemstone from Indonesia 21 x 15 x 11cms 3.318Kg

Thank you for visiting; first just a little bit about me to introduce myself. My name is Lynn Wilkinson. Efore I package up your precious fossil, I will personally attune it to the pure. And it will come fully energised with the beautiful Reiki energy for you to absorb and benefit from its individual petrified […]