SiS IMMACULATE 10 Madagascar Petrified Wood Slab Exceptional Quality Round

This extra thick cut slab is one of the most perfect cross sections from a petrified log that you will undoubtedly ever lay eyes on. I could not believe how clean and perfect this 200 million year old fossil stone was when I took the first slice from the rough petrified log. The growth rings […]

PEANUT Petrified Wood Round Fossil Glassy End Cut 4.4 / 110mm Austrailia

Special Holiday Pricing. This is a super colorful, extremely well agatized, near full round petrified Peanut (Teredo) wood “Arucaria” section out of the Cretaceous period 115 million years, from Gascoyne, Western Australia. Featuring an unbelievable presentation of colorful, deep and glassy agatization. This agate preservation is so good it has a slight chatoyance seen in […]