Arizona Petrified Wood / Red Color Specimen Quality Polished With Felt Pad Base

HIGH POLISHED AND NATURAL SURFACES. RED, GRAY & WHITE COLOR. SIZE: 12″ H x 5″ W x 1.5 D. DESCRIPTION: Stunning Arizona petrified wood specimen with excellent color. The specimin is sliced and polished to a high gloss on one side and natural on the other. It has a flat base with a felt pad […]


6.02 2985g Polished PETRIFIED WOOD BRANCH Fossil Madagascar A1604

You may also like. 6.02 2985g Polished PETRIFIED WOOD BRANCH Fossil – Madagascar A1604. Reddish – Brown;Multi-Color. 6.02″4.60″3.46(153mm117mm88mm). Petrified wood:Silicified wood is mainly generated in the Mesozoic period, most in the Jurassic and cretaceous. Petrified wood, is millions of years ago or earlier after trees are quickly buried underground, replaced by SiO2 (silica) in the […]


Hubbard Basin Rare Colors Agatized Petrified Wood Full Round Slab Gorgeous

This unpolished full round slab of Hubbard Basin Wood will knock your socks off! These kind of colors in an absolutely flawless, beautifully shaped full round is very rare. This is one of the best selections of Hubbard Basin petrified wood you will ever see. Beyond words is all I can say about it’s beauty! […]


SiS GLORIOUS 20 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Slab STUNNING RIP CUT PLANK

This very colorful petrified Araucaria wood plank is a true museum piece and represents the single largest and most colorful slab we’ve produced like this from Arizona rainbow petrified wood. It is “rip cut” (cut with the grain) from a well preserved conifer tree and is one of the larger and more visually stunning examples […]