SiS DARK BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT 13+ Arizona RAINBOW Petrified Wood Conifer Round

You don’t get many petrified wood rounds from any forest with such a perfect shape as time and nature have a way of distorting these fossil treasures in most cases. I don’t normally deal with Arizona petrified wood since decent logs are hard to come by from this forest this far north, but I do […]


SiS SPECTACULAR PURPLE ORANGE & YELLOW 12 Arizona Petrified Wood Conifer Round

It’s hard not to love the beautiful natural color in this amazing fossil wood and this piece is as colorful as they get! The orange and black agate rind provides a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the brilliant 100% natural agate shades contained in the interior. The color in this magnificent specimen simply has […]


SiS EX-LRG PERFECT19 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Conifer Round TABLE TOP

This is one of our largest Arizona Rainbow petrified wood slabs and it would make one spectacular table top! This is a very unique color pattern for Arizona petrified wood. The characteristic oranges and reds are there, but they are laced through a dark blue/gray agate field that is highly translucent! The color in this […]