Beautiful piece of Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood. Measures 8 tall and about 6 wide, 5 thick. This piece has very unique and Beautiful colors. Beautiful Bark log, piece has lots of cracks, delicate & unique. Some pics are wet with water. Piece is natural and has not been cleaned. The item “ARIZONA RAINBOW PETRIFIED WOOD […]


SiS EXPLODING COLOR 8+ Translucent Blue Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round

With the incredibly parade of museum quality petrified wood rounds from Hubbard Basin that we’re making available it would be easy to be lulled into complacency. Don’t fall into that trap! Incredible collector pieces like this are really not seen very often and once these are gone, they will stay gone. If you have ever […]


SiS DARK SMOKE & FIRE COLOR 12 Madagascar Petrified Wood Round Incredible

Want to see all the spooky colors of halloween in a beautifully polished piece of natural art? Look no further than this amazing specimen! This richly colored petrified wood slab is just incredible to see in person. The finish we’ve achieved on this uncommonly dark slab really has remarkable depth and unmatched natural beauty! This […]


SiS EXQUISITE COLOR 12 Madagascar Petrified Wood Round -Crystal, Green & More

Here’s the latest slab from those amazing petrified Araucaria trees we’ve been cutting from the Madagascar logs we imported a couple of years ago. This is one of the most unique and beautiful color patterns I’ve seen yet in these gorgeous, high quality petrified logs! This one features a flowing wavy band of green color […]


SiS ASTONISHING COLOR 12+ Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Slab RIP CUT BOARD

This large and very colorful petrified Araucaria wood plank is a true museum piece and represents one of the single most colorful and uniquely beautiful slabs we’ve produced like this from Arizona rainbow petrified wood. It is “rip cut” (cut with the grain) from a well preserved conifer tree and is one of the more […]