Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round Large Polished 2 + lbs -Botryoidal

Amazing Blue Forest Petrified Wood Full Round with a little bit of everything including rich blues, pronounced rings and botryoidal bubbles. This is a complete specimen with great agate fortification as well as color variation. Large specimen measures 8 x 6 1/2 inches across the face with actual limb measuring about 4 3/4 inches in […]


Blue Forest Petrified Palm Wood Rare Agate Fortified 8 inch Round

Truly Unique Blue Forest Petrified Palm Wood Full Round – amazing with blue agate fortification and constellation-like agate shapes across the face. 8 inches in diameter! About 1 1/4 inches thick! Weighs 4 lbs 13 ounces. Please note, that some palm specimens have a more porous surface (because of the round dot-like cells common to […]


LARGE Blue Forest Petrified Wood Botryoidal Gold Calcite Crystals 9 lbs

Super large, heavy blue forest petrified wood slab with both botryoidal bubbles and gold calcite crystals! Already a beautifully polished face with very interesting matrix including ring details, agate fortification, color variety, this piece also has a vent that is full of botryoidal bubbles as well as triangular gold calcite crystals. The reverse is what […]


Hubbard Basin Gnarly Bark Purplish Blue, Red, Petrified Wood Full Round Slab

This unpolished, gnarly, full round slab of Hubbard Basin Wood. This slab will drop your jaw! These kind of colors in an absolutely beautifully shaped round is very rare. We have dark blues and light purplish blues. Dark reds and lighter reds. Golds and golden browns. This is one of the best selections of Hubbard […]