Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood u. V. Reactive

Petrified Joshua tree Protoyucca shadishii Fossil Wood. 3″×1.25″ across face 5 long. Nice section of a very rare wood. Only found in one confirmed location. Thanks for looking please check out all of our items listed in our store. We promise to try and provide the highest quality of polished stones and customer service, so […]


PETRIFIED WOOD Vessel Sink Washroom Basin Bathroom Countertop Stone Fossil

This fossilized tree is from the T. Ulungagung Regency in the East Java Province of Indonesia. Although its called petrified wood and was actually natural wood at one point in time, it is now stone. Over thousands of years, the process of fossilization has replaced all the organic materials in the wood with minerals, keeping […]


Petrified Cycad Morrison Formation Moab Utah Ex Hatch Collection

Beautiful Jurassic age petrified cycad from the Morrison Formation near Moab, Utah, 150 million years old. This material was collected in the 1950s and 1960s by the legendary collector Steve Hatch. There’s a ruler and scale in the photos. Polished on both sides. The item “Petrified Cycad Morrison Formation Moab Utah Ex Hatch Collection” is […]