Rare Petrified Snakewood Mennegoxylon Texas

Rare Petrified Snakewood Mennegoxylon Texas. Snakewood (mennegoxylon jonesii) Large Brazos county, Texas Yegua formation Eocene 13″×7.5″ and 9/16 thick. Rare species of extinct tree only found fossilized in the Yegua formation, of Texas and where it extends into Lousiana. This is a large slab that came off a stump with root traces. Not much is […]


CHROMIUM! Extremely RARE Mint GREEN Petrified Wood Log ARIZONA 74.1

Extremely RARE Mint GREEN Petrified Wood Log ARIZONA 74.1g. Don’t miss this! This rare and very collectable treasure measures 2 1/4″ x 1 7/8″ x 1 1/4 (55x48x32mm). Weight is 74.1 grams. Interesting Fact: Chromium Petrified Wood will change hues due to humidity or dryness. True Chromium Wood will be some shade of mint Green. […]