4 Lb 3 Oz Oregon Hampton Butte Petrified Wood Replacement Jasper & Agate

This is a huge 4 pound 3 ounce slab of very beautiful multi-colors Hampton Butte Petrified Wood replacement Jasper and Agate. You will not find another slab of this material as large and as sweet as this one. This slab will make some a gorgeous display or bookoos of nice cabs and/or wire wraps. It […]


SiS GORGEOUS 10 lb. Ultra-Rare BURMESE Petrified Wood Bookends MYANMAR Fossil

This slab comes from the single largest log that we imported last year from Myanmar. We’ve found a new source for quality petrified wood specimens and have been off on a series of adventures trying to secure some of these new petrified logs! It looks very much like some of the well preserved hardwoods found […]


REILLYS ROCKS Top Quality Detailed Chunk Of Arizona Peteified Wood, 62 Lbs

Colorful and detailed Arizona Petrified Wood from near the Petrified forest. Photographed wet and dry. Weighs about 62 lbs. Winner will receive free surprise gift. Found on private land with permission. Very high quality difficult to obtain chunk. Check out our other listings! We are a family rockhounding team and we appreciate your business! The […]