Petrified Wood Large Branch Limb Full Polish 13.5 9 lbs. 5.9 oz. A912

Petrified Wood Large Branch Limb Full Polish 13.5 9 lbs. This full polished petrified wood branch is 13-1/2″ tall, 5-1/2″ wide, and 5 front to back as pictured. All natural except for cutting and polishing. We go to the PO everyday at 1PM Mon. Filing a return or opening a case just takes extra time […]


SiS BEAUTIFULLY SPOKED Sweet Home Oregon Petrified Wood Slab Unknown Hardwood

I’ve been trying to get a positive ID on this specimen for a couple of years but haven’t found anything definitive. It’s a beautiful and interesting hardwood with strong medullary rays in a very kinky pattern! There are similarities to everything from sycamore to alder, but it’s not an exact match for any of the […]


Gorgeous Stinking Water Oak! TOP SHELF

Beautiful segment of petrified golden Oak wood. From the classic location Stinking Water Pass in central Oregon. It comes out of one of the finest collections of petrified wood in the Northwest! Perfect, liquid, glassy polish. Preservation is perfect, and is wonderful under the microscope. This piece features beautiful agate in shades of gold and […]


Arizona petrified Wood Araucaria conifer Polished U. V. Reactive

Arizona petrified Wood Araucaria conifer Polished U. Araucaria conifer Arizona, Holbrook area 12″×12.5″ and 1 1/8 thick Chinle formation. Our Store We promise to try and provide the highest quality of polished stones and customer service, so that u feel just as comfortable shopping with us as a huge chain store. Please follow or subscribe […]


SiS EXQUISITE 10+ BURMESE Petrified Palm Wood- Fossil Palmoxylon from Myanmar

This absolutely perfect slab is cut from the center of one of the largest of the petrified palm logs we imported recently from Myanmar. In the past we’ve offered palm specimens from Texas, Louisiana, Indonesia and Wyoming, but this is the best batch of petrified palm logs we’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting! We […]